Let Them Eat Cake!

Jasmine Rae Cakes

(c) Jasmine Rae De Lung, Jasmine Rae Cakes. Photo credit (c) Haley Sheffield.

The NY Times recently featured this artist, whose medium is cake!

Jasmine Rae De Lung is the artist at Jasmine Rae Cakes in San Francisco. Her work is stunning, and her medium is both mercurial and clearly can only stand the test of time through photography, as the cakes themselves are meant to be eaten!

She spends as long as 200 hours creating a cake, as this process, like many art projects, is quite demanding and quite layered (pardon the pun).

My deepest respect to this unique artist and to her beautiful sculptures (which are also apparently delicious and use unique flavor profiles.)

Thought it makes sense for the holidays, as there are so many engagements this time of year and those couples may be seeking something extremely artistic for their wedding cakes!