Five Ways to Combine Your Style and Your Culture in Luxury Interior Design

Your home can show both your style and your culture.

In fact, it should show both.

Your Newport Beach home should show who you are today, as well as the personal cultural heritage from which you came, in order to reflect all that you are.

Such details will welcome your family each time they come home, and will allow your guests to know a bit about you when they visit.

Perhaps you love a minimalist setting, and your background is Persian, a culture filled with a rich history of color, symbols and foods.

Using this as an example, here are five ways you can show both your interior design style in Newport Beach, and your cultural heritage:

  1. Minimalist Style Meets Colorful Accents

Using a light sand and white as your base for example, with low profile softly curved furniture placed sparingly into a living room, you can add a wonderful touch of your Iranian roots with a colorful lamp shade, a pouf seat, an antique rug in a rich design, and a complimentary patterned tie-back on your light-colored drapes.

While maintaining a clean and minimal design, the space is effused with the warmth and color of the Iranian culture.

You may also want to place some water lilies in a bowl on your coffee table to highlight the culture and draw out conversation.

  1. Original Art

The very low profile can be maintained by leaning a very large, beautifully colored cultural original painting against a wall, or hanging it on a large wall as a focal point.

The minimalist style is enhanced by the sharp contrast with a painting that shares both big attitude and a cultural vibe.  In fact, it is just such a piece that transforms the space into a truly memorable moment.

If something more spare is desired, a bas-relief done in a sand color can be created to represent traditional Iranian palaces, while staying quite neutral against the rest of the space.

  1. Mirrors

Reflecting light and enlarging a space, a mirror or two or more can be a good method to bring symbols of a cultural heritage into a minimal interior design.

This can be done with the mirror frame or the mirror shape, or both!  Staying with the minimalist style, a large mirror at the entry or on a wall will maintain the calm of the space, while providing a spot in which a cultural design detail can be a sign of the owners’ heritage.

Using geometric pieces, a collection of mirrors that are round and square can be an enticing addition to a monochromatic setting, highlighting both a cultural element and adding great visual interest.

  1. Rugs

While a minimalist interior design typically has a large amount of negative space, a Persian rug placed in a specific seating area can be the focal point for the room.  The rug can be new, antique or a family heirloom.

If one prefers to keep the entire living room quite monochromatic, a rug can be hung as art, giving the cultural element an added value as a textural addition the room.  This also warms the home as a real place of comfort for the family and their guests.

Even a Persian rug pattern fabricated as a staircase runner can be an elegant touch to a minimalist room in a manner that doesn’t interrupt any visual expanse.

  1. Window Treatments

Be creative!  From the aforementioned colorful drapery tie-back, to the fabric in a Roman shade, some touches of jewel tones in window treatments can be an exciting way to bring an Iranian cultural layer to a minimalist Newport Beach home.

Far from being out of place, adding a layer of one’s culture to their home is simply a way to add depth, personality, beauty and timeless good taste.

Interested in how a layer of your culture can add love and value to your home and your family?  Please reach out to me to learn more.