When It Comes to Advertising, Millennials Are Just Like Us

When It Comes to Advertising, Millennials Are Just Like Us

Recently, a friend told me that “Millennials don’t like advertising.”

Apparently, ADWEEK believes this is also Millennial behavior, as evidenced in their February article.

It’s not that Millennials don’t like brands, it’s that they don’t like traditional advertising, according to Maker Studios’ chief content officer Erin McPherson. McPherson notes that what they like instead is brief content.

Pardon my Baby-Boomerness, but unless the ad is hilarious, who does like advertising?

As it turns out, Millennials and Gen X and Baby Boomers have all simply grown tired of old-fashioned advertising.

So today, content isn’t just king, content is the whole royal family.

Be it kings, queens, princes, princesses or Uncle Jack, and regardless of the age group you want to target, instead of advertising, you’re smart to use quick videos, short “How To” articles, and brief testimonials or case studies.

And the content in these pieces should be thought-provoking, educational and presented in a clean format. If appropriate, humor and edgy content work best.

And this isn’t just for consumer-mode marketing.

Even at work, businesspeople of every age prefer brief content. With so much to absorb, no one has time to waste.

That’s why I’m ending this blog right here.

— Judith Brower Fancher