Instagram Ads: What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Instagram Ads: What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Instagram has long been an ad-free environment for its users, but the inevitable has finally happened.

The photo-based platform has opened the door for marketers to advertise to its 300+ million users.

The movement is predicted to be a big moneymaker for businesses based on the platform’s young user demographic – all of whom share, like, click and comment on  Instagram far more than on Facebook and Twitter.

So what does this mean for your business?

It means you need to get on Instagram.

Now, you might not have an Instagram account for your business for varying reasons – you might think your firm won’t appeal to its user base, or you might be deterred by the need to feature an image with every post. (While Instagram is easy for companies that sell photographable products, it can be a little more difficult for companies that don’t.)

But there’s a serious advantage for all companies when it comes to marketing on Instagram: It’s a very powerful storytelling platform.

Telling your story is what helps you relate to your customers and build your brand.

And, using Instagram’s new ad offerings, companies now have a new way to tell their story among the few, instead of the many. (For just a little while.)

By that we mean, the earliest adopters of Instagram advertising are likely to see the biggest bang for their buck, before the platform becomes overrun with advertisers and wanes in popularity.

Remember when Facebook introduced advertising in its user news feeds?  Within a year, advertisers were reporting better payoff from these ads than from those banner ads that were just jammed to the side of people’s feeds.

That said, just two years later, Facebook is becoming less and less popular among young people.

Instagram, however, is still super cool.

And on Instagram, companies can start advertising their products and services in users’ news feeds right away, reaching their ideal consumers in a place that currently hold their rapt attention.

So what’s the key message here? Right now there is a window of opportunity to capture a young, engaged audience by advertising on Instagram.

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